Apple is working on an AI-powered health coaching service

The report says that the service is still in development, but Apple aims to have it ready for release in 2024. It would be available as a standalone app, and users would have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use it.

Quartz would use various data points from the Apple Watch, including heart rate, sleep tracking, and activity levels. It then uses this data to create personalized coaching plans for each user. These plans could include things like suggested workouts, meal plans, and sleep schedules.

The report says that Apple is also working on other health-related features for its devices. These include an iPad version of the Health app and new technology for tracking emotions.

Apple has been increasingly focusing on health and wellness in recent years. The company has released a number of features for its devices that are designed to help users stay healthy, such as the Heart Rate app and the Activity app.

The development of Quartz is a sign that Apple is continuing to invest in health and wellness. The service could be a valuable tool for users who are looking to improve their health and fitness.

Here are some of the potential benefits of Apple’s AI health coaching service:

  • It could help users stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy.
  • It could provide users with personalized advice and guidance on how to improve their health.
  • It could help users track their progress and see how their health is improving over time.
  • It could provide users with a sense of community and support as they work to improve their health.

Apple has not yet provided any official details on the AI health coaching service, but the company’s history of innovation in the health and wellness space makes it a compelling prospect. With the use of AI, the service has the potential to provide users with personalized health coaching at scale, making it accessible to millions of people worldwide.

The implementation of AI in healthcare is not a new concept, with AI-powered healthcare technologies already being used to improve diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. However, the application of AI in health coaching services is still a relatively new area, and Apple’s entry into the market could have a significant impact on the industry.

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